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Sanskrit Olympiad

Class 6th to Post Graduation & Above

संस्कृतं नाम दैवी वागन्वाख्याता महर्षिभिः ।

Sanskrit is considered as a divine language across the world. It is one of the ancient known languages, with a rich literature and philosophical tradition.This Sanskrit Olympiad is going to be a pioneer in the Sanskrit world. Sanskrit Olympiad and Little Guru have come along with a great and unique opportunity for all Sanskrit students by giving them the world's first gamified Sanskrit Olympiad. We follow the
motto: Play is the new Learn. 

Sanskrit Olympiad Game

Why to Attempt Sanskrit Olympiad?

Sanskrit Community

Let’s gather together to learn and spread Sanskrit across the boundaries and be a part of a noble cause. तेजस्विनावधीतमस्तु

How Gamification helps you Learn

कथं क्रीडीकरणम् अध्ययनाय उपकारकम् भवति